Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Reese had picture day at school today and I had a hard time finding something that was green, picture appropriate, and inexpensive.  I went to several places to find something and finally found this cute little dress at Carters.  She wore a white cardigan over it this morning since it was chilly. 

3-17-11 030

Sam refuses to have his picture taken anymore so I only have a picture of Reese.  But he had a cute little polo on that matched the green on Reese’s dress.  I was able to grab a picture of him sitting at the table (without his shirt on).

A friend of ours gave us some cute shamrock cookies last night for the kids so they had those after lunch.

3-17-11 033

3-17-11 034

A while back I told Reese a story about when I was in Kindergarten a leprechaun came to our class room while we were gone and made a huge mess on St. Patrick’s Day.  She loved that story and talks about it a lot.  Well, today while Reese was at school a leprechaun came to her bedroom and made a huge mess.

3-17-11 035

He threw books all over the floor, dumped laundry over, pulled dress up clothes out of her toy chest, turned pictures over, flipped over her clock and rocking chair, and knocked Barbie’s over in the doll house.

3-17-11 036

When she first walked in to her room she said, “Hey! What in the world? I just cleaned up my room this morning.”

3-17-11 037

It was too cute to watch her react to this. Here is what she had to say about it.


Kiera said...

Ha! A leoprechaun came to Mary's class too and made a huge mess. I love Reese's reaction to her room.

Adrienne said...

What a cute video! Her tiptoeing is precious.

AA said...

You do such fun activities with the kids. I love the leprechaun story!