Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Comparison

Remember this picture of Reese?  She was just a couple of months younger than Sam is now. She was in a stage where she did this every night while I was making dinner.

8-13-08 005

It seems like every night when I am trying to make dinner Sam acts this way while hanging on my leg.  Like I can’t spend just a few minutes doing something other than holding him or entertaining them.

3-3-11 001

The difference?  He has no tears.  And when I was trying to take his picture he would stop and stare at me.  Ha!  Sam is not as dramatic as Reese but he has his moments.

When I was taking his picture tonight I totally remembered the picture of Reese and had to go back and find it.  Too funny!

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Aunt Kathy said...

i remember those days like yesterday...now it is "MOM, MOM, MOM - how long til dinner's ready? What are we having? EWWW I don't want that! Can't we always just have ChickfilA or Zaxby's?" :)