Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coloring and Hitting and Hugging

Sam has really taken to coloring lately.  He, obviously, loves to do anything Reese does and since she is our little artist she is coloring all the time.  She, also, is not good at putting the crayons away so Sam always has one in his hand.

3-8-11 001

This would all be fine if Sam would just sit at the table with the crayons and color.  But he doesn’t.  He walks around the house coloring on anything and everything.  I feel like the only thing I am saying to him all day is, “No, Sam.  We only color on paper. Don’t color on <insert anything that is not paper here>.”

3-8-11 002

I am, also, constantly telling him not to hit!  Seriously!  He sits in “time-out” several times a day for hitting.  I say “time-out” because it is a little edited since he is not going to actually sit in time out.  Tonight after he hit me he just sat down in front of me knowing he was about to be in time-out. Time-out doesn’t seem to be working but I am going to stick with it and see if we can stop this hitting. What is funny though is that he still gives the sweetest hugs after sitting in time-out.

A new thing he is doing is giving Reese hugs…if he is in a good mood.  Before she would hug him and he would push her away.  Now he wraps his sweet little arms around her waist.  He really is the sweetest little thing.

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