Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reese’s First Haircut

For the first time in three years, eight months, and one week, Reese got her hair cut.  Her hair always grew perfectly.  It never looked shaggy.  However, it eventually got to the point where it was getting hard to comb through and tangling pretty easily.  After many mornings in a row of fighting with Reese and her hair, I made an appointment to get her hair cut.  I went back and forth between taking her to the guy who cuts my hair and to one of the kids haircut places.  I was worried about taking her to a kids place because her hair has never been kid hair.  She has always had adult hair so I decided an adult haircut salon would be best for us. 

3-26-11 005

Reese has been very excited about getting her hair cut.  Before getting her hair cut today we went with Lance to get his hair cut.  This actually worked out perfectly because she got to see everything that happened.  When we finally got to the salon for her turn she couldn’t wait! 

3-26-11 006

She was very quiet the whole time but was perfect.  She did everything she was asked to do.  I think her favorite part was getting her hair washed.  She looked like she actually enjoyed it.  At home that is our most dreaded time of the week.  I wish I had my camera during this time because she just laid her head back, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the pampering. 

3-26-11 007

When we got to the chair I was going to sit down in front of her but Ben asked me to look at something.  She looked at me and said, “Sit down, Mommy.”  Ha!  The entire time she was getting her hair cut she had a sly little grin on her face.  She just loved it!  She asked me if we could come back every day after soccer to get her hair cut.

3-26-11 011

Overall, she got about two inches cut off and thinned the front out just a tad bit to help it curl some.

3-26-11 002  3-26-11 014 

I am hoping this helps us maintain it a little easier.  And I am so glad she loved every minute of it.

3-26-11 001 copy


Carrie Beth said...

Her hair is gorgeous!!! Glad the haircut went well.

Amy said...

It's so cool that she loved getting her hair cut. And it looks fabulous and is still nice and long. Ben is the best!! Wish I could have went with you all, I need a haircut so bad!