Saturday, March 12, 2011

Special Day

We all had a special day today.  After a quick breakfast at Chick-fil-A, the kids and Lance headed down to the zoo.  Lance said they all had a great time and bought us a season pass so we could go back when ever we wanted.  Lance said Reese actually enjoyed petting the animals in the petting zoo.  He said Sam wanted nothing to do with with the petting zoo.  While they were off enjoying the nice weather outside, I enjoyed some time with my mom and Becca at Spa Sydell.  We all got a one hour massage and it was so fabulous.  However, I am pretty sure time goes at warp speed during a massage.  How can sixty minutes go by so fast??  After everyone enjoyed their morning, the whole family got together for lunch to celebrate Becca’s birthday.  I am so glad Lance got to spend time with the little monkeys alone and I had some girl time!  What a special day!

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