Friday, March 4, 2011

Family Night

Tonight we had our first family night.  Instead of the normal pizza and a movie night, I added more fun to it.  We got “The Cat and the Hat” movie with Mike Myers from Netflix.  This week at school Reese has been talking/learning about Dr. Seuss so I thought this would be the perfect way to wrap the week up.

I pulled out all of our Dr. Seuss books, toys, and games. When the kids got up from naps we read several of the books.

3-4-11 005

Reese wanted to wear her red and white striped pajama pants and I made her a red bowtie.

3-4-11 006

We ate our pizza and watched the movie.  Reese really loved the movie.  It is so cute and funny.  Towards the end she got a little antsy because she was ready to play the games.  The first thing we did was our “Green Eggs and Ham” puzzle.

3-4-11 007

Next we played a game called, “I Can Do That!”.  You draw three cards.  The first card says an action such as dance, penguin walk, etc.  The second card tells you where to go such as to the bathroom, to the window, etc.  With the cards comes a foam fish in a bowl. The third card tells you what to do with the fish such as hold the fish between your elbows, on your head, etc.

Reese’s cards said tip-toe while walking to the bathroom with the fish between your elbows.

3-4-11 020

Lance had to hop to the sink with the fish on his head.

3-4-11 021

After this game we turned Pandora on and played hot potato with The Cat in the Hat doll.  We then finished family night dancing to the music.  The last song that came on was “We Are Family” sung by the Chipmunks.  It was the perfect ending to a fun night!!

3-4-11 016


laurel said...

That sounds like an awesome family night! I think you should send the fish game to work with Lance so we can all watch him reenact it. ;-)

Carrie Beth said...

Sounds like a perfect family night!

Kiera said...

Sounds like a great night....you guys are all so cute!

Jenny said...

you are so creative Renee! Looks like you had a fun night - I will need to find that Cat in the Hat game. It sounds like one that Harrison would love!