Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Little Ballerina

Today was Parent Watch Day at Reese’s ballet class. Reese was SOOOOO excited that I was going to be able to come in to her class and watch her today.

3-11-11 008

3-11-11 011

Before the class the teacher did a little talking before they did any dancing.  This picture just cracks me up!! Open-mouthed smile

3-11-11 012

Finally it was time for them to show the parents their dance.  They will be doing this dance for their recital in June.  I really think they showed this to the parents so the parents could help out at home.

3-11-11 013

There are eight girls and one boy in her class.  The little boy actually did the best out of all of the kids.  He remembered everything and knew what everyone else was supposed to be doing too.  The teacher on the left is the head teacher and is holding the place of a little girl who was not there.  The one on the right is the assistant.  She will actually be in the dance dressed as Sleeping Beauty (and to remind the kids of the choreography).

3-11-11 016

3-11-11 018

They are dancing to “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty.  Here they make a castle with their partner.

3-11-11 019

3-11-11 024

3-11-11 026

3-11-11 027

They were so cute.  I am glad I finally got to see her in class.  There is no parent viewing area so I have never seen her doing any of this.  She really LOVES ballet and I feel a little bad about having not started her earlier.

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Carrie Beth said...

Adorable!!! It is obvious that she is loving it. I can't wait for Handley to start taking again this summer.