Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend

Whew!  We have had a busy weekend!  Bright and early Saturday morning Reese started soccer.  It is a parent/kid program and it is basically just soccer lessons.  They teach soccer basics which is good for the kids and parents.  Lance doesn’t know anything about soccer so he was soaking it all in too.

3-19-11 032

Each kid got a t-shirt and their own soccer ball.  The coach said, “You can’t call yourself a soccer player if you don’t have your own soccer ball.”  Reese’s friend, Emma, from the neighborhood is playing too.  While we waited for all the kids to arrive we ran from goal to goal kicking the ball.  I think the girls liked this the best.

3-19-11 037

Finally the lessons started.  They had to squeeze the ball between their feet and try to jump.  Then we played helicopter.  Reese had to squeeze the ball between her feet while I spun her around.

3-19-11 043

Later we practiced kicking the ball properly.  Reese has a really good, strong kick but when we tried to follow the coaches exact directions it kind of tripped her up a bit.

3-19-11 046

Next they played a game where they ran around flipping over cones first with out their ball and then later while kicking their ball.

3-19-11 058

“Go Tis-E"!”

3-19-11 073

Water break

3-19-11 075

The next activity was probably the funniest.  They were supposed to throw their ball up in the air, try to clap one time, and then catch the ball.  We had to focus on just throwing the ball up and catching it.  Ha!  Reese caught the ball with her face a couple of times.  When I would giggle at her she would say, “Stop laughing at me!”, with a huge grin on her face.

3-19-11 086

Finally we got to practice kicking the ball in to the goal.  The coach said soccer goals are rare so when we score we have to really celebrate.  He taught the kids to do the airplane when they scored.  Reese thought this was funny.

3-19-11 107

After soccer we spent some time at “Touch a Truck”.  It was kind of lame but it was nice to be outside on such a beautiful morning.  After that we headed to lunch at Reese’s favorite spot, Taco Mac!  We sat out on the patio and it was perfect.

After naps, it was off to Connor’s birthday party.  Her party was at Gymboree.

3-19-11 121

Reese and Sam both seemed to really enjoy themselves.

3-19-11 125

We saw lots of friends and got to catch up with some we hadn’t seen in a while.

3-19-11 130

It was an Elmo themed party so Reese wore her Abby Cadabby shirt from the Elmo show we went to before Sam was born.

3-19-11 159

Everybody slept great last night and then we got up bright and early to go to the early service at church today.  After church we went to Champion Kids for Wes and Tucker’s birthday party.


The kids always have so much fun there.


It is nap time once again and it seems to be quiet upstairs.  Hopefully everyone is resting well because I am thinking about taking a nap too!!  I am worn out.

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