Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saturday Baseball

Saturday we went to one of Brody’s baseball game and they WON!

3-1-11 010

3-1-11 015

3-1-11 024

3-1-11 027

3-1-11 041

3-1-11 043

Reese and Sam loved watching the game (or Brody more specifically).  At one point Reese gave me the biggest smile and said, “Brody waved to me.  Two times!”…it was like he was Chipper or something!

3-1-11 054

3-1-11 082

What a beautiful day for baseball.


jennkate said...

Renee! I had to double take this picture of Reese! HER HAIR!!! It's so long and curly and beautiful! Did u or your husband have hair like this? I'm so curious how Elias will turn out so curly too. Wow! How do u fix it in the mornings?? Love it!

Aunt Kathy said...

Love it!! He thinks he is Chipper in more ways than one :). So glad you guys came out! It was a beautiful day for sure!