Saturday, August 6, 2011

Awesome Hair Day!

Wednesday night we had a babysitter so I didn’t want her to have to wash Reese’s hair after a day at the pool.  So Thursday morning before her friends came over I washed her hair.  As it dried naturally, it dried beautifully.  Seriously it was probably her best hair day ever!! I just had to take pictures.

Picture taking started out kind of rough…she was not interested.

8-4-11 022

So then I promised her a brownie if she would go outside and let me take a few pictures while she smiled.

8-4-11 026

Success! A little bribing never hurt anything.

8-4-11 028

Her curls just laid perfectly and there was no crazy frizzy messes.

8-4-11 029

Oh how I wish this picture wasn’t so washed out.  I may have to play with it some because it is too precious to leave washed out.

8-4-11 032

8-4-11 051

And we couldn’t leave Sam out.

8-4-11 044

He wasn’t interested in picture taking either so he just ran around while I tried to snap a few pictures.

8-4-11 042

And of course he tripped and fell while he was running around so I needed to snap that!

8-4-11 047

And now for my two favorite pictures of two of my favorite people that have made their way to my side bar…

8-4-11 054

8-4-11 024c



Carrie Beth said...

Her curls are beautiful!

laurel said...

They are both just too cute!

Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love to hear from readers or "lurkers" ha ha!! Ok so your children are seriously gorgeous and your daughters hair is to! die! for! A good hair day must always be documented, you can never start too early!! :) Thank you for telling me about your "sassy" 4 year old. It makes me feel like maybe it's "normal" because I tend to always blame myself for my children's sort coming and assume that I must be doing something terribly wrong!! But seriously I think the grounding did have an effect on his attitude. I am sure there will be more sassing but at least he knows it will not be tolerated, momma means business! :) Be blessed!! Hope to see you again soon...