Tuesday, August 2, 2011

White Water

Today we went to White Water with some friends.  I haven’t been to WW since I was in high school.  I wasn’t sure what to expect today but we had a blast!  Obviously no pictures were taken today but believe me there were tons of smiles. 

There were two areas in the park that were mainly for little kids.  The first area we went in to was a large splash pad type of area.  There were a lot of spray areas, slides and fun! Once the kids had fun there we moved on.

The next area was more of a pool type area with a huge play area in the middle.  The water was about a foot deep so Sam had to wear his water wings in this area.  There were also three bigger slides.  Two of the slides were twisty slides and were pretty slow. The third slide was a wide slide that went straight down and was pretty fast.  I took the kids to the top to slide and Sam was ready but Reese was screaming.  She wanted nothing to do with the slides.  So I took Sam down who had a blast and Reese went back down the stairs.  Some how I got her back up to the top and made her get on the slide kicking and screaming while my friend took Sam down.  The second Reese’s feet hit the pool she jumped up and ran to the stairs to do it again (with tears still in her eyes).  By the end of the day she was going up and down all by herself.

After playing in the kids areas we went to the lazy river.  Both kids loved this!  They just floated and enjoyed them selves.  From the lazy river we headed over to the wave pool which was again a hit.  We headed out to the parking area to have lunch and our friends left after lunch but we headed back in for more fun.  We did all of the fun slides, lazy river, and wave pool again.  Around 2:30, I could tell Sam was done so we headed home. 

We had such a wonderful day and I am so thankful we had some fun friends to go with! I can’t wait to take the kids again!!

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Jenny said...

Renee - I'm glad to hear that you guys had fun! I would love to go with the kids one day, hopefully I can convince Lance to take a day off work so I have a helper!