Saturday, August 20, 2011

Out with a BANG!

Yesterday was our last weekday before summer is over for Reese.  She starts school on Monday so we tried to have lots of fun. 

We went down to Atlantic Station to have lunch with Lance.  Reese wanted to eat at Moe’s so that is what we did. Both kids ended up with cheese dip all over there face but they loved it!

8-20-11 002

8-20-11 003

After Moe’s we hit up Food Truck Friday for a sno-cone.  At first Reese said she wanted a cupcake but as soon as we were passing the sno-cone cart she changed her mind.

8-20-11 004

She was sweet enough to share some with Sam.

8-20-11 006

Last night we went to a local park near a lake where they were having a make-up fireworks show from the fourth of July.  They had two local bands play before the fireworks. We parked in a church parking lot in our downtown area and then walked the half mile down to the lake. We went with our neighborhood friends.  The girls had so much fun together.

8-20-11 008

We got there around 7:00 and the sun was starting to go down over the lake.  It was so pretty.

8-20-11 011

While we were waiting for Lance to get home from work the kids and I went to pick up a Folks picnic basket so we could have dinner while waiting for the fireworks.

8-20-11 009

Everybody enjoyed their fried chicken!

8-20-11 010

There was an obstacle course bounce house that the girls wanted to do so bad.  I didn’t even think to bring cash with me but out sweet neighbors paid for Reese to have fun in the bounce houses.

8-20-11 014

They also did this huge slide twice.  They loved it!

8-20-11 020

8-20-11 019

They really were so cute and sweet together! I am glad they had so much fun together.

8-20-11 027

Yay!!  Our family picture!

8-20-11 028

We went over to the stage to dance and listen to the music. They found this bench and were too cute sitting on it I just had to take their picture.

8-20-11 030

After a little dancing they got some Kona Ice to cool off with.

8-20-11 033

Reese had a little bit of every flavor on hers.  After she finished it she said her stomach was hurting.  I think she had way too much sugar.

8-20-11 034

The fireworks show was great! We definitely finished out our summer with a BANG!

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Jenny said...

such a cute family picture Renee!