Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Blast of Summer

Today we had a “Last Blast of Summer” party with some friends.  We had cupcakes (to celebrate two birthdays), tie-dyed tee shirts, played in the kiddie pool, and on the slip–n-slide. 

8-17-11 001

The kids had a blast and all played very well together today. I can’t believe Reese has been “playing” with some of these kids since she was eight months old.

8-17-11 023

Sam, of course, loved everything to do with the water.

8-17-11 025

I was surprised at how much fun they had on the slip-n-slide.  It was kind of a pain but they loved it.

8-17-11 028

Sam accidentally slid down on his belly one time and loved it so he did it over and over again.

8-17-11 030

Lance look away…

Because of all of the water from the pool and the slip-n-slide water started pooling up and making a mud puddle.  I think the kids would have played in there for a long time if the mommy’s hadn’t ruined the fun.

8-17-11 031

I can’t wait to see how all of the tie-dyed shirts turn out.  We will have to have another party to show off the shirts.

I can’t believe we start school next week.  I am ready for the routine but sad about summer coming to an end.


Kiera said...

SO much fun today!!! Thanks again for the yummy cupcakes too!!!

Jenny said...

it was a great time, thanks Renee!! I am also impressed that you have already put up a blog post!! I will need a copy of a few of those pictures!!