Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Busy Free Day

Today was a rarity…we had nothing to do! We could do what ever we wanted!! Sam woke up at 6:20 this morning so our day got started early.  We had breakfast as a family and then headed to Target for school supplies shopping.  Of course everything was almost sold out so we still have one thing to go out and buy before we meet the teachers. After that we headed to Sport Clips to get Lance’s hair cut.  We decided we might as well go ahead and get Sam’s hair cut while we were there too. 

8-13-11 013

He did a great job but the girl cut a little more off than I wanted.  Some of the curls seem to be in hiding right now but I have a feeling as his hair grows back out some will return.  If not, oh well.

Yesterday I was doing laundry and our washing machine decided it didn’t want to drain.  It has done this before but always ended up draining if I reset it.  But I tried four times and it didn’t work (until Lance got home and kept the lid up while messing with it).  It also has days where it doesn’t want to spin and I will have to reset it to spin too.  We had this problem back in 2008 and replaced the motor in it.  Lance bought this inexpensive, nothing fancy machine back in 2001 so it is starting to struggle.  We decided today was the day to replace the washer and dryer (the dryer has been having some motor problems too).  We bought the new ones from Sears and for the first time buying an appliance we felt like we got a good deal.  The guy saw both of us with our iPhones out so instead of making us find prices to compare he went out and found prices for us! He gave us $250 off of each machine (washer and dryer) than the price they had listed!! We will have them delivered on Monday and I am excited to feel like our clothes are actually getting cleaned!

Earlier this week Reese asked Lance if he wanted to have a Daddy-Daughter night.  Who could turn that down? So she started planning.  They decided to go see the Smurf movie and then have dinner at Moe’s.  She was so excited.  She even picked out her favorite spinning dress to wear so she looked nice for their date. When they left Sam cried and asked about them the whole time they were gone. They had a great time.

8-13-11 019

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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh my - i cannot wait to see what happens when she has her first boy-girl date. just tell lance to have this picture handy!! lol