Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Today was Reese’s first day of four year old preschool. She was beyond excited to start the school year. She picked out her clothes yesterday morning. 

8-22-11 004

This morning I asked her a few questions about what she thought today was going to be like. 

Me: “What are you most excited about?”
Reese: “Crafts!”

8-22-11 005

Me: “What are you most nervous about?”
Reese: “Walking to my class by myself.” (I don’t think they do this btw. At least not the first day. And she knows exactly where her class is so I am not sure why this was her answer.)

Me: “What do you think you are going to learn?”
Reese: “I don’t know.”

8-22-11 007

While Reese was at school Sam asked over and over about her.  He would say “Reese?” and I would ask him where she was.  He would answer “dool”. When we finally got in to the carline he said her name over and over until we finally picked her up.  I think he missed having her harass him!

8-22-11 008

Reese said she had a lot of fun at school.  Her teachers were nice, she was excited to play with her friends, and she had Cheerios for snack. She said her favorite thing that she did all day was color (not surprising).

And just for a little comparison…these pictures are from each of her first days (two year, three year, and four year).

three years


Carrie Beth said...

Glad she had a great first day! It's crazy to see the progression from each year. She's grown up so much!

Aunt Kathy said...

please quit growing up so fast!!! :(

Meg said...

Awww beauty!! This makes me a tad less nervous for our first day of pre school!! How did this happen so fast?! ;)

AA said...

Look at how grown up she is!!! I bet she is a favorite of her teachers :) And I love the progression photos.