Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Weekend Wrap-up

We have had a fun, fun weekend! Friday Reese had her first ballet/tap class of the year.  She was very excited to get started and to learn all about tap. She had a great time getting back in to it and can’t wait to find out what their recital song is going to be.

8-28-11 001

After ballet we headed out to my parents house to wait for them to get home from work. Once they were home we headed to the Gwinnett Braves game. Sam was so excited to go to the “beeball dame”.

8-28-11 004

Reese was excited for the fireworks. It was so hot and I am pretty sure it was still just as hot at 10:00 as it was at 6:00 when we arrived.

8-28-11 005

We had a great time with all of my family. Sam would cheer for both teams and yell “Home Run!” at each at bat. He also made friends with the guy sitting behind us.  I am pretty sure the man didn’t get to see much of the game because Sam kept playing with him.

8-28-11 006

After the G-Braves lost there was a fun fireworks show. We were sitting a little too high to see them all so my mom and the kids moved down a few rows to watch them. We didn’t get in to the car until after 11:00.  Sam fell asleep pretty quickly and then Reese fell asleep about half way home.

8-28-11 028

Saturday morning Lance was up early to play golf with Donnie.  They had a great time visiting and playing golf. The kids and I slept in until 8:45!! It was awesome! We were slow to get moving and then we headed to a local BBQ festival. I was so excited that Adrienne and Owen were able to meet us there.

8-28-11 047

There was tons of BBQ, plenty of FREE bounce houses, and a lot of walking around to be done. Around 1:00 there were three paratroopers dropping out of the sky. It was really neat to see them come coasting in and land of the field in the middle of the festival.

8-28-11 038

While the paratroopers were falling from the sky Reese was busy becoming a rabbit. It cracks me up that she loves to have her face painted and that she picks the most random things.

8-28-11 043

After face painting we headed over for some shade and lunch. We had a great time visiting with A and O!! And I am so glad Lance was able to have some friend time too.

8-28-11 046

Sunday was a typical day. Church, lunch, naps, grass mowing and car washing.

8-28-11 050

The kids ended up soaked and then Lance took them to the pool while I went to the grocery store.

8-28-11 051

And now it is time to start our second week of school…

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