Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet and Greet

Today Reese had “Meet and Greet” for her last year of preschool.  YIKES! She will be doing four days a week and is so excited.  We met her teachers Ms. Janel and Ms. Cyndi today.  Both seem very sweet and I know Reese will love them.  She was also very excited about all of her old friends in her class.  Out of 16 kids, there are seven girls.  All of those seven girls are from her class last year.  There was only one boy we knew from her previous class so the other eight boys are going to be brand new class mates.  In the classroom there was a Princess vanity with pretend make-up, nail polish, and jewelry.  Reese and her BFF Sydney stood at the vanity primping the whole time we were there.  Too funny!

After visiting at the school we went to Chick-fil-A  with three of the girls to play and have lunch.  We were there for just over two hours and the girls had a blast.  I think they sat down and ate for about five minutes.  The rest of the time they played hard.  Reese actually went to sleep during nap time.  I am so excited for Reese and her new school year.  She is going to have a blast!

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