Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

Reese’s friend, Emma, celebrated her fourth birthday earlier this week so she had her birthday party at the zoo today. The Zoo was holding a fun, Halloween-y kind of day called “Boo at the Zoo”. Needless to say, it was packed!! Everybody had a great time though.

All of the kids were dressed up. Reese didn’t wear her Halloween costume because we didn’t want it to get dirty so she wore her Belle costume. When we first got there it was super cold. As the day went along it warmed up some, at least in the sunny areas.

10-29-11 001

This is a picture of all of the kids (minus Sam and baby Danny). Reese, Emma (the birthday girl), Claire and Thomas.

10-29-11 003

Oh there is Sammy. I didn’t let him out of the stroller much because it was so packed. I just knew he would get lost. There were stations set up where the kids could get candy. It was really fun for them.

10-29-11 007

In the Ford Pavilion they had a party set up. There was a DJ playing music, a hay maze, and Reese and Sam’s least favorite part, characters in costume. 

10-29-11 010

The kids danced to the music and played with the hula hoops.

10-29-11 011

10-29-11 013

While the big kids went in to the petting zoo, I took Sam out for some snuggles. They were back out quickly though because the goats started butting heads and that scares Reese so much!

10-29-11 016

We had a special treat of getting to ride the train.

10-29-11 020

Sam was thrilled and kept saying “Choo-choo”!

10-29-11 022

Me and my sweet little monkeys!

10-29-11 025

The whole group (minus baby Danny again) making silly faces.

10-29-11 029

We had so much fun celebrating Emma’s birthday today!

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