Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bored = Fun

Last Friday we had a follow-up visit at the ENT for Sam. Every six months they check his ears to see if the tubes are still in there and to make sure there are no problems. While we were waiting for the nurse to come in the kids started getting bored so I pulled out my camera. We have done this before where we will pick an emotion and take a picture of us all expressing this emotion. Both kids get a huge kick out of this game and giggle and giggle.

This was just a group shot.

10-12-11 012

Reese usually picks the emotion to call out and then we all go for it. Silly faces!

10-12-11 014

Sad faces. Sam obviously didn’t get the memo on this emotion.

10-12-11 017


10-12-11 020

Sad faces again…Sam got it right this time.

10-12-11 021


10-12-11 026


10-12-11 027

This is such a fun game for the kids with instant gratification because they can see themselves on the screen of the camera. The giggles are enough to make me play this game over and over again.

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