Thursday, October 27, 2011


After seeing that the weather was going to be so cold tomorrow I decided to take the kids to the “choo-choo park” for a picnic while the weather is still beautiful. We ate our lunch, played on the playground, and then went off to explore.

Next to the playground there is an open field. We walked through the field and then found a wooden bridge to cross in to another field. At the top of the hill in the woods there was this old little house.


After we crossed back over the bridge we went towards the railroad tracks and saw this “personnel car” (that is what a sign on it said).


We then walked around to go through the train tunnel. As we were going down the ramp to the tunnel the second train of the day passed by. This is what my view looks like when a train comes by.


The train tunnel is actually really pretty.



We made it to the other side of the tunnel and the slow train was still going by so Sam climbed up on the railing to watch it go by.


When we were walking back through we decided to take a group shot. Sam was saying “HELLOOOO” over and over because it was echoing.


It was a beautiful day exploring around the train tracks.

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