Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our week so far

We have had a busy week so far and I am surprised that it is already Wednesday night.

Monday I watched a friends two boys while they had some exciting things to take care of. Reese was at school for the morning so it was just the boys. Sam wasn’t quite sure how to handle this. On one hand he loved having the boys there to play boy things with. On the other hand he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to share his toys with them. On a few occasions he would cry that one of the boys had his trucks, etc. We all went to pick Reese up from school (thank you minivan), came home for lunch, and then Reese and Tucker ran off to play. After an hour or so of playing it was time for naps/rest time for everyone. Both little boys took great naps and Reese and Tucker had great rest times. I set up a cot in Reese’s room for Tucker and they just talked the whole time but were not too loud. Their conversations cracked me up when I went up to check on them.

10-5-11 002

Reese received a trophy at school on Monday. Over the next couple of months they are going to be working on knowing their birthday, phone number, and address. Once they know all three they get a trophy. Reese knew her phone number and birthday already so we had to work on her address. She knew the street name but we needed everything else so we practiced. She seriously picks things up so fast it surprises me. She was the second kid in her class to get her trophy. I am a proud mommy!

10-5-11 009

Tuesday Sam had his Gymboree class. He really enjoys this class. Starting next week he will be in the next level up where they start doing imaginative play. I am excited to see how he does in that class.

Each evening when I am making dinner I turn on Sesame Street for the kids. This sometimes gets me a few minutes to get things done. Tuesday night I looked over and Sam was sitting in Reese’s lap. Seriously, how cute are they?

10-5-11 010

Today after school Reese had a play date with her friend Sydney from class and the neighborhood. Sam stood at the screen and just watched them play for a little while and then finally decided he wanted to go out for a bit.

10-5-11 011

The girls were so good about taking turns driving the Jeep. What is funny is that neither one of them knows how to drive the Jeep straight. Both of them kept driving it in circles.

10-5-11 014

We also had small group and a new babysitter. We have had the toughest time with babysitters this school year. Our sitter from the last few years has a full time job so we have been on the hunt for a new one. I recently met a girl who shared her babysitters name with us to try. Taylor is AMAZING! When she left tonight I looked at Lance and said, “Is she for real?”. She is definitely an answer to our prayers and I am so grateful to have her with our kids.

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