Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silly boy

This week Sam and I have been fighting a pretty mean cold. Because of this we have not been going to the gym. Instead of the gym, Tuesday he and I ran some errands while Reese was in school. We were done a little early for carpool so we just sat in the school parking lot and I let Sam get out of his car seat. You would have thought he won the lottery by the way he was running around inside the car.

The windows were down so he was especially excited about that.

10-12-11 033

He would run all the way to the back of the car where one of the seats is laying all the way down for storage and the middle seats of the middle row is out. He had all kinds of space to exercise.

10-12-11 034

And then he would run back up to the front and climb in Reese’s seat.

10-12-11 038

He started hanging out of the window and yelling, “Hey everybody!”

10-12-11 036

It was too cute and he had so much fun!

10-12-11 041

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