Friday, October 28, 2011

Mad Scientist

Today we were invited to a “Mad Scientist” playdate. It was such a fun day! The mom who planned this was a teacher but now is a full time mom so she did an amazing job.

The first thing she did was talk to the kids about fall and all fall things. It was amazing to see all of them sit there and listen! It was like they were at school.

10-28-11 007

Next she gave them all lab coats to wear. She seriously covered all the basics and then some!

10-28-11 008

Then it was time for their first experiment. They put water and oil in a bottle to see how they separated.

10-28-11 009

Next they put a couple of drops of food coloring in and an alka-seltzer to watch the food coloring combine with the water and fizz.

10-28-11 010

The next activity was “Boo-Goo”. It was corn starch mixed with water.  Stirring it made it a hard substance but when you tried to pick it up it was watery.

10-28-11 011

After the two experiments they took a dancing break. And did one more experiment after the dancing break.

10-28-11 012

After mixing milk, food coloring, and Dawn to look like tie-dye, they had a story read to them.

10-28-11 017

10-28-11 013

Some of the moms even participated in the story. It was so cute!!

10-28-11 016

Sam was very interested in everything that was going on.

10-28-11 015

The last exciting experiment was to see Mentos dropped in to soda. The kids loved seeing the soda shoot out in to the air.

Today was such a great playdate!! It was so creative and different for the kids. I know both of my monkeys loved it and I am sure everyone else did too.

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