Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Early Birthday Present

For a while we have known we were going to get Sam a train table for either his birthday or Christmas. The other day I saw a train table on sale at Toys R Us. The only problem was that there was none online to ship so I had to look in the store. I swung by our local TRU yesterday to see if they had any. There were none on the floor so I just asked someone. She, luckily, remembered there was one downstairs that someone had not picked up. She brought it up for us and checked us out. It ended up ringing up $25 less than we thought it was going to be. That means I got it for over 50% less than the retail price. I was SO excited!!

We decided to go ahead and set it up. Sam doesn’t know what birthdays are so we didn’t think he would mind getting it early. After dinner Lance got started putting it together. He got the table put together before bed time.

10-25-11 002

After the kids were in bed we put everything else together and couldn’t wait for them to get to play with it.

10-25-11 004

Reese came in to my room at 7:45 this morning and said she could see the train table. She couldn’t wait to go downstairs. It was funny that she was just as excited as Sam.

10-25-11 005

As soon as Sam got up, I got both of them ready quickly and sent them downstairs so I could get ready. Every time Sam sent the train through the cave and it sounded the horn he would giggle. It was so fun to see them play with the train table. I hope it brings a lot more giggles!!

10-25-11 006

Happy early birthday Sam!


Jenny said...

that looks like a really nice train table Renee!! Harrison is very excited about it too! ha ha.

Bryan said...

Wow...I'm very impressed. Nice job with the assembly Lance!

Kiera said...

Looks so fun! I am sure both kids love it...Sam is a lucky boy!