Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Choo-Choo Park

Today we went to the “Choo-choo Park” with Reese’s friend Harrison, his brother Davis, and my friend Jenny. This park is right next to the railroad tracks and we have never been there when a train has gone by. Today that changed! We heard the train coming and the kids got so excited but as soon as it was blowing it’s horn next to the playground Sam was crying and Reese was covering her ears. Once the engine passed they were fine and had fun watching it go by.

10-18-11 004

10-18-11 005

After eating lunch and playing on the playground for a little while we went across the street to play on the old caboose.

Harrison driving the train.

10-18-11 006

I don’t know what it is about this old car but the kids LOVE playing in it.

10-18-11 011

I just love this picture. I brought the camera out because I wanted to snap some pictures while the weather is still nice and warm!

10-18-11 012

Cute little Davis walking around the caboose.

10-18-11 013

I love that the kids play so well together! What a fun time. Now we can welcome in the cold weather after taking advantage of the nice, warm weather today.

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