Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy, busy day. I woke up early and got going. We were all dressed and ready by 9:00 so we went to get breakfast. After a yummy breakfast we headed to Owen’s first birthday party. It was a monster themed party and he was super cute. I was so mad at myself because I forgot my camera. The kids had a lot of fun running around and playing. We had fun visiting with everyone. I just wish we got to see them more!!

After the party we headed to Lance’s sisters house to visit a few minutes and then headed to the fair. This was the first time our kids have been to the fair and they had a lot of fun. Reese is pretty timid about rides, etc but she had a blast. I took pictures with my phone so they are not that great.

When we first walked in the big swings were right there so the kids wanted to watch these. I asked Reese if she wanted to ride them and she shook her head no with force. To be honest, she probably wasn’t even tall enough.


If Sam was big enough, he probably would have been in to everything.


The first ride they rode was this little fish ride that went up and down. They laughed and waved every time they went around.


They actually rode it twice in a row. The second time around Reese got in her own fish.


After the fish we talked Reese in to getting on this little roller coaster. Sam wasn’t big enough for it and I wasn’t quite sure Reese was going to do it. Once she was able to watch it go one time she decided she wanted to have a turn. She is so funny because she doesn’t trust us that these rides are FUN! She just wants to be stubborn I think. Once she finally does it though she loves it!


Next we were off to watch their cousin Brody and his friend ride on this flying Superman kind of ride.


They loved just standing at the fence at watching them.


After the boys rode that ride we went over to the “Spinner” or something like that…can’t remember the name. It is the ride that has four arms and each of the arms has four cars. Each arm spins around and the whole thing spins around really fast. At the last minute Reese decided she wanted to ride and LOVED it. She giggled the whole time. She said it was fun and faster than she thought it would be. I thought I was about to toss my cookies. Ha! Being older and still having a little bit of a cold didn’t help. It was so fun to hear my little monkey giggling and having fun though.

Sam rode the fish ride one more time while Reese rode the carousel before we left.

As we were leaving I remembered we hadn’t had a family picture taken so we got Lance’s mom to snap a quick picture of the four of us.


We had a long, fun, and busy day! But it was a blast!

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Bryan said...

You guys always go to the coolest places. You'll have to fill us in on where all of these places are so we can join in the fun when we get back over there!