Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daddy’s Best Buddy

Reese has always been my shadow. Every where I go, she goes. When I was pregnant with Sam, several people told Lance that once the baby was born Reese would become a Daddy’s girl and be his little shadow. Well, Lance waited and waited for that and it never happened. She still wanted me to do everything for her and remained my shadow.

Now, Lance’s time has come. He has a little buddy that wants to do everything he is doing. Sam always says that he is “Daddy’s best buddy”. Last Saturday Lance got up and headed to Home Depot first thing in the morning. Sam jumped out of our bed (yes, he still comes in our room every night) and said he wanted to go too. So, off he and Lance went to get him dressed. When they came back in our room they were little twins. They both had on Tech sweatshirts and hats with their shorts and tennis shoes. It was too cute and Sam was so excited to get to go to Home Depot with his best buddy.

photo 1

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