Monday, March 18, 2013

No Picture Weekend

Whew! Our weekend was busy! Friday started our whirlwind weekend off with a bang. It was Aunt Becky’s birthday! She turned 30 so we had a little cookout celebration at her house. I picked Reese up from school and headed straight out to my parents house. I am glad we left when we did because traffic was already bad and it took us a while to get there. My dad was already home from work so we hung out with him and my grandma for a little while. It was such a beautiful afternoon! The kids played outside for a little while. They love to look for the fish in their pond. The fish were still in hiding so they couldn’t find any. Since it was so pretty outside I wanted to get a picture of all of the kids. I got one picture of them and my camera died. I am so bad about keeping it charged.

3-18-13 042

Finally it was time to head to Aunt Becky’s house to celebrate her birthday. The kids were super excited to see her and every one else! We all had fun and were so happy to celebrate with Becca and friends and family. We changed the kids in to their pajamas for the ride home so everyone went straight to bed when we walked in the door.

Saturday morning was a little rough start but we finally got ready and headed to Reese’s soccer game. She had pictures before her game so we had to get there a little early. That was ok though because the weather was beautiful all weekend.

These pictures are actually from last weekend. Sam loves to wear Reese’s button for her game.

3-18-13 032

For some reason several of the girls just weren’t feeling it this weekend and did not want to play. That left no subs. Reese played her little heart out and had fun.

3-18-13 035

As long as she is having fun, we are happy!

3-18-13 036

This weekend we all got a little sun except for Hayes. He stayed in the stroller under the umbrella most of the time. He loves being outside and sits in the stroller quietly taking it all in.

3-18-13 038

After soccer we came home for lunch and then naps. We all needed them after our late night…everyone but Lance. He worked hard out in the yard all day. We ended up having pizza and a movie night Saturday night since we didn’t get to on Friday night.

Yesterday we headed to church and then had lunch with a guy from church afterwards. It was a quick lunch because I had a tennis match. I was supposed to be there at 2:30. I fed Hayes really quickly before I left and gave Lance instructions for a bottle to feed Hayes with later in the afternoon if I wasn’t back in time. Hayes has taken a couple of bottles no problem so I wasn’t too worried. Unfortunately he was not interested in a bottle at all yesterday. Since I was playing line five and there were only two courts available, I had to wait for at least three other lines to finish playing before I could play…and they went three sets each. I didn’t get to go on the courts until after 5:30 and then we went three sets!! It was a long day for Lance at home with all three kids…one who wouldn’t eat for him. I got home around 7:30 and Hayes had fallen asleep but within minutes of me getting home he woke up crying and I quickly fed him. He was much happier after that. I think we all slept great last night!

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