Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Weekend Update

This past weekend was a fun one. For weeks Reese has been asking if she could have a friend sleep over. She finally found a friend that said yes. Most friends were scared to sleep over at someone else’s house…much like Reese. Her friend Ashley said yes but I kept warning Reese that when she got here she might change her mind. I didn’t want Reese to be disappointed if it didn’t happen. Ashley came over just in time for pizza and a movie night. We watched The Lorax but the girls played much more than they watched. They were so silly but played great together!


While they were playing Ashley told Reese that she didn’t want to spend the night so we told her parents to come over around 9:00 to get her. Shortly after we made that call she decided she did want to spend the night so we called her parents again. Around 9:00 I was trying to put Hayes to bed and the girls told Lance they were ready for bed. Reese is always so tired on Friday nights so we usually stick with our school night bed time. Lance got them set up and then I went in to read them a story and turn out the lights. I headed to my room and was so surprised that Ashley was staying. About twenty minutes later I was downstairs doing some cleaning up and I hear crying and feet on the steps. Ashley was coming downstairs and said, “I don’t want to go to sleep but Reese said she is ready to go to sleep. I want to go home.” Reese was devastated. She was crying in her bed. We got Ashley sent home and then I had a talk with Reese. I told her that maybe she could try to spend the night at Ashley’s house next time and she shook her head no. I told her if she wasn’t willing to try then she couldn’t be mad that Ashley wanted to go home. I think she understood.

Saturday morning we woke up and started getting ready for our day. Right before we were about to leave we saw that it was snowing. It was just flurries that weren’t sticking but the kids were so excited and wanted to get out in it. They played outside while we got everything ready to go.

3-6-13 002

The kids and I headed to a gymnastics birthday party while Lance headed out to help some friends who just moved.Reese had a blast at the party and Sam had fun doing his own thing. After the party was over, the kids and I headed to meet up with Lance and we spent the rest of the day with our friends in their new house.

Sunday was a normal day. That night we decided to try out some rice cereal for Hayes. He loved it. He acted like we had been keeping it from him his whole life. He has done great with it ever since. Such a big boy.

3-6-13 004

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Carrie Beth said...

We have had many similar sleepover experiences. :-( Handley is always upset, but I know it won't be long before these girls are sleepover pros.