Monday, March 18, 2013

Helping Hands

Reese and Sam like to help around the house…if it is their idea. For instance, if I am changing Hayes’ diaper downstairs and ask them to take the diaper to the trash, they both say no. But! If I say, “Who wants to be my helper?”, they both run to me to help. They actually will fight over who gets to take the diaper to the trash.

Since we have started feeding Hayes cereal, Reese always asks if she can feed him. Early on the cereal was too runny for her to help. It would have been all over everything by the time they were done. Once the cereal was thicker, we let her help.

3-18-13 006

I think Hayes enjoyed having his big sister feed him and I know Reese was in heaven getting to feed him. This might actually come in handy as he starts eating more. She could be feeding him while I am making dinner or doing the dishes!

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