Thursday, March 7, 2013


Each afternoon Reese has homework. We usually try to get this done as soon as she gets home from school. This way she is still in school mode and we make sure we have time to get it completed. If we didn’t do it right away it would not get done later in the evening.

3-6-13 007

The first thing she usually does is write in her journal. She can write about what ever she wants. She writes her 3-4 sentences and then draws a picture to match her story. Some days she writes about what we have done over the weekend or the day before. Some times she makes stories up. This is her favorite homework assignment.

3-6-13 008

She also brings home a book from her class library that she has to read. Some days she just doesn’t want to read and it is a struggle to do this part of the homework. She also has a calendar of small things to choose from. These range from writing your name as neatly as possible five times to observing different things in the environment to counting to 100 by 5’s. We usually choose two items to do each afternoon.

3-6-13 011

Most of the time she is very good to sit down and get started on her homework. She knows that it is part of her day so she gets it done. Some days I look at her and can’t believe we are already at this stage with her. Slow down time, slow down!

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