Friday, March 22, 2013

Trying New Things

As Hayes gets bigger, we are pulling out new toys for him to try. The other day while I was doing laundry and putting laundry away I pulled out the door jumper for him to try. He is still a little to small and wobbly for it but he seemed to enjoy it. Once Sam decided it would be fun to spin him around, I took him out to save his life. Ha!

photo 1

Wednesday I put him in the Bumbo with one of Reese and Sam’s favorite toys when they were little. He played with all the buttons and watched the flashing lights. But Sam was in the room so he was a little more entertained by his big brother.

photo 2

Shortly after I wrote his four month post, Hayes finally got the rolling from belly to back down. Now he will roll all over and around the floor.

photo 3

The only problem is when he gets stuck he can’t figure out how to start going back the other way. He just gets mad that he has bumped in to something. He usually starts on his activity gym and then starts rolling.

photo 4

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