Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bug

Whoa! I can't believe it has been so long since I updated this thing! So I will do a recap since Wednesday...

Thursday was business as usual. Reese had school and Sam and I went Christmas shopping at Target while my Christmas cards printed. One thing I have learned about school days is that it is inevitable that Sam will need/want to eat during drop off and pick up times.

Friday Reese had gymnastics and then we headed over to a friends house to decorate Christmas cookies and have lunch. The kids had so much fun and made a huge mess!!

Reese was so proud of her cookies that she made and couldn't wait to share them with Daddy.

Saturday we visited with family and friends most of the day. It was a nice day! That night we put Reese to bed and did our normal evening routine. Around 11 I was feeding Sam in his room and heard Reese start crying. It wasn't a normal middle of the night cry so I was worried. Lance was downstairs but luckily heard her crying. He went in to check on her and she had thrown up all over herself and her bed. There is a stomach bug going around and she caught it. He took her out of bed, stuck her in the tub and undressed her. I put Sam in his bed while I helped tend to Reese. I cleaned her off, gave her a bath, and got some new clothes on her while Lance cleaned up her room. It was so gross. And every sickness is worse because we have a newborn. Once again we had to keep Reese away from Sam and we washed our hands a million times. She ended up throwing up two more times but nothing like the first time. Lance once again had to make a midnight run to Kroger. (Hopefully that was the last time for a while.) We talked to the nurse on call and she said to slowly give Reese some Gatorade to see if she would keep it down. For an hour we gave her medicine droppers full of it and increased the amount as the hour went by. By 1:00 she was literally jumping around our room. I don't know how she has that kind of energy! Both of Reese's sets of bedsheets were dirty because I had just changed them so we set up sheets on the floor in our room and let her sleep in there. We also put Sam back in our room for the night in the pack and play so we would know immediately if he got sick. We knew that would be so bad if he did. Luckily he has not!!

Sunday we tried to keep Reese contained and resting. But she is a machine. You would have never know she had been sick and she didn't throw up the whole day. After nap time she was a little cranky but said she was feeling ok. We were supposed to go to some friends house that night. We talked to them and told them what had been going on and they said to still come on over. So we headed over. We parked the car and then Reese said she didn't feel good. She had said that a couple of times during the day but never got sick. We figured she was just testing out that phrase to see the reaction. But as Lance took Reese out of the car she threw up again. So we had to head back home. She has been fine since and has had no problems today...other than trying to touch Sam when she knows she isn't supposed to. She is a little spitfire!!

Today we have been lazy. Hopefully Reese's tummy is settled and we are done with the stomach bug. Lance and I have not been affected and hopefully it will stay that way. However, we are prepared with Gatorade, Ginger Ale, Saltines, and Pepto.

Sam has enjoyed the activity gym. When he is fussy and I don't know why I lay him in here and let him stretch out. He usually lasts about five minutes and then is ready to move on. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is starting to stay awake more. On one hand it is fun to see him start to learn and check things out...on the other hand it is hard because he needs more attention.

So there you have it. Hopefully it won't take me so long to update again.

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