Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What a day...in a different way than yesterday!! My goal today was to try to keep the TV off more than it was on. So this morning we got up, came downstairs, and colored. Reese was acting out a little bit and being disobedient. I decided we might need to get out of the house for a little bit so I took a quick shower, got Sam fed and happy, and then we headed to Target to do some Christmas shopping. Reese had her moments while at Target but for the most part was behaving. We came home to have lunch and Reese was acting out again...which meant nap time couldn't come quick enough. When I put Reese down for a nap I realized she might have a bladder infection so I called the doctor's office and talked to them about it. They scheduled an appointment for 4:00 for her to come in. Of course it would be right during feeding time for Sam. I woke Reese up from her nap so that she didn't go potty in her pull-up because they wanted to do a urine test. I gave her a fun cup to drink a bunch of water from before we left. About 20 minutes or so before we were going to leave I wanted to change Sam and give him a quick snack to tide him over. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing and for the first time in five weeks I got soaked. He peed ALL over me and him. I had to go upstairs to change us both and he didn't get a snack before we left. I grabbed a bottle for him and headed out the door. When it was time for Reese to go to the bathroom she refused to. So they gave her a popsicle hoping to bribe her. No such luck! Then we gave her a cup of water to get her to go...nope. Sam got his first bottle of formula during this time...he did pretty well with the bottle. Then Reese flat out refused to go again! The nurse promised her a toy out of the treasure chest, another popsicle, and a sticker if she would go...I promised a Dora movie at home. Still nothing. Finally I told her we would just have to go home and she freaked out! Screaming! She knew there was a lot on the line to just not use the bathroom. So we tried one more time. This time nurse Hannah took her because sometimes Reese just does better with someone besides Mommy. She never went and the nurse needed to do other things so I went in with her. I think she sat on the potty for ten minutes and then finally started going. And I wasn't prepared!! I barely got the cup in there fast enough to catch it and only got a small amount. Luckily it was enough to run the test. So after an hour and a half of fighting at the doctors office, it looks like she has a UTI but they sent it off to the lab and we should know for sure tomorrow. After we got home she needed to go again and cried that it hurt so I think something is definitely going on. I don't think Reese has ever been as sick in her whole life as she has been the last five weeks. I think the stress of adding a new baby to the house is getting to her! Hopefully we can get it all cleared up and get our sweet, healthy girl back soon. PLEASE!!!


Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

You sound like you have your hands full! Hope Reese gets feeling better soon!

bethy said...

Oh I feel for you...we've been dealing with the same at our house. I took Chloe in yesterday and we are on round three of antibiotics in 2 months...before Oct this year, she'd never been on them. Our little guy is 7 weeks old and he has been the sweetest baby...I hope the adjustment period doesn't last much longer, I too, am ready for my sweet girl back (good attitude and no illnesses!)
Hope today is better for you.

Tucker's Mom said...

Oh poor Reese Cup, and you Renee! I am so sorry to hear that she has a UTI but you did the right thing and got her checked out. I hope she gets on the road to recovery.