Friday, December 4, 2009

Firsts with Sam

*Last night Sam slept in his bed in his room for the first time. We decided to move him because he is still a little congested and the humidifier we have doesn't do too well in our room because of the size. He slept great and I slept great!

*Today was my first day back taking Reese to gymnastics...and my first time taking Sam with us. Last week they didn't have it because of Thanksgiving and Lance had taken her the two weeks before. I was so worried we wouldn't be on time but we made it! Reese had a blast! I love watching her there. I think she really enjoys "Reese time" right now.

*I have taken both kids to the grocery store a couple of times now but today we had to go to BJ's. I have been putting it off all week but couldn't any longer. I don't know why I was so worried about going there but we lived! ;-) Sam just slept in the Baby Bjorn the whole time and Reese hung out in the buggy. It was hard to get some things I needed with Sam hanging on in front but it was great at checkout because the kid just let me leave everything in the buggy and he rung it up that way.

*Sam is a peeling machine. He looks like a snake right now. I had to go back and look at pictures of Reese from this age because I couldn't remember her skin peeling this much...and it didn't. Only her hands and feet looked really dry but Sam's whole body is dry and peeling. It looks so uncomfortable but everything I have read says it is normal. I just put lotion on him at night and when I think about it during the day. I hope it clears up soon!!


bethy said...

I'm so impressed that you had your room to yourself! We have not moved Harrison yet b/c Chloe's room is next door. We have had so much trouble with her staying in her bed that we thought he'd wake her up...we may need to test it out though, he has not been sleeping well in our room, which means we have not been sleeping well. Does he give you a long stretch btwn feedings? Harrison is pealing too...Chloe did not, funny how different kiddos are! Sounds like your little family is adjusting well.

Jillferg said...

My little one is also very peeley. (is that a word) I do not recall Owen peeling that much either. Maybe it is just the time of year but Owen was a December baby.
Is Sam sleeping through the night? I have not put Katie Jane in her own bed yet...not even for a nap. Maybe this week we will try.
Sam is so cute. I am glad both of your kids are feeling better and NO RSV.

Kiera said...

Sam is so adorable!!! Great seeing you today!