Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Lance's office closed early today so he suggested we take Reese to see The Princess and the Frog. She was so excited about going.

It was a cute movie...and I can't wait to see the end. LOL! For most of the movie Sam did great but then I had to take him out to the car. He was getting fussy with about 15 minutes left. He needed a diaper change and a change of clothes after spitting up all over his original outfit. Reese did awesome in the theater. I knew it was going to be hit or miss with her but she loved it. She got up and was dancing to the music. It was probably about 15 minutes too long for her though. I am pretty sure she ate the whole bucket of popcorn herself. Lance didn't want her first movie experience to be without popcorn! I was so surprised at the number of people at the theater for a 5:00 movie. The parking lot was packed!!

After the movie we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner. We have had a great final family day of 2009!

Sam is really starting to get interested in where all of the crazy noise is coming from. Reese loves to hold his hand and do silly things with him.

We were finally able to get his reaction on camera. Isn't that smile so sweet??


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your New Year's Eve sounded so much fun!!! Love you guys!
-Aunt Becky

Kiera said...

Sam is so adorable - of course Reese is cute as can be too!! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!

Carrie Beth said...

Aww,he is so adorable. Looks like the two of them are becoming fast friends.

Kathy said...

I LOVE the outfit - it looks sooooo adorable!!