Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Month Doctors Visit

Sam had his one month well visit today with our pediatrician. And my how he has grown! He weighed 9.12 lbs (48%), is 22" long (60%), and his head circumference is 14 1/2" (17%). That means he has gained two pounds since birth! I was shocked. Apparently Reese did the same thing though! He also got his second Hep B shot today. Poor guy was NOT happy about that. It took him a little while to calm down...but it was also creeping up on feeding time too. I hate having my kids get shots. The doctor noticed how "peely" he was and mentioned something about it. Not in a bad way...he just noticed all of the skin. He said a lot of babies peel like that and it will be gone soon. I am so proud of our little man...he is growing and doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. Keep it up!!

And just because I thought this pictures was so sweet...

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