Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up at a normal time (more than likely the last time that will happen for several years). Reese really didn't remember that Santa was supposed to come. I was feeding Sam when she woke up so after that was done I told her we could go downstairs to see what Santa left for her. Then she got excited.

Yes, Sam is in a new outfit after spitting up all over his matching Christmas PJs.

She was bummed Santa didn't eat all of the cookies she left for him. I bet he will eat them all next year!! Santa liked the note she left him and he even wrote one back to her!!

Santa felt like he went overboard this year but once all the gifts were wrapped and under the tree he felt good about his gifts.

Sam just hung out and watched the madness. He is excited about next year already.

Santa left Reese some fun gifts. A Princess drum set, some Disney movies, a Crayola box full of Crayola goodies, a doctors kit, a Tinkerbell suitcase, and a bunch of other little things. Sam got some cool stuff too! (Things I can't remember right now.) For some reason Santa didn't do a "big" gift this year. I guess Dave Ramsey got a hold of him too!!

After we opened all of our gifts and played with them for a little while, we had breakfast, showered, and headed out to Lance's sisters house. There Reese and Sam racked up on a bunch of fun gifts too.

Reese even got an apron that says, "Mom's little helper", on it.

She put her cooking skills to work by helping Aunt Kathy make the potatoes.

Reese had such a fun time playing with her cousins. She would come up to me and say, "I am going to go play with the boys!" Sam had fun just being snuggled.

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