Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stone Mountain Christmas

On the 23rd we went to Stone Mountain's Christmas with some friends. We, as usual, were late meeting them there but we were so excited when we finally arrived. What a cool experience!!

There are so many fun things for kids (of all ages) to do. The first place we went was a ball house. There are foam balls everywhere and four stories of fun. You can collect all of the balls in bags and then go through the building throwing and shooting the balls. Foam balls are flying everywhere.

Every building, tree, fence, and structure was covered in lights. It was really beautiful!

The girls found the fake snow for the Snow Mountain advertisement and had fun playing with it! I am seriously thinking about taking Reese back to play there!

After playing in the ball house we set up on the side of the "road" for the parade. I had Sam in the carrier so Maddie had a prime spot in the stroller. She was so sweet with Reese the whole night. She would tell her what was going to happen, what she would see, and led her around everywhere. Reese was in heaven!!

Daddy had the camera the whole night but he made it in to one picture!

There were so many shows to see. I thought the Polar Express 4-D show was a lot of fun!

Sam was SO good the whole day! He went five hours without eating because he was sound asleep snuggled up in the carrier! I had to change his diaper to get him to wake up and eat. After he ate, he went right back to sleep. I am so glad I brought the carrier with us!!

He was also bundled up in this warm outfit!!

(Hey honey...if you are going to get that much of me in the picture, why not go ahead and get all of me?)

After several shows, we made our way over to the train. We rode in the covered car to help keep the kids warm. I was worried we wouldn't be able to see much but there wasn't much to see anyways. There were so few lights! I was surprised!

We ended up missing the fireworks because we were on the train during the show. Oh well! We had such a fun time!! I am so glad we were able to go. Our friends had been twice before (this year) so they kept us on track of what was worth our while! We ended up not leaving until after 10:00. Reese fell asleep with in minutes of pulling out of the park so we put her right to bed when we got home.

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