Monday, December 28, 2009

Follow-up at Seven Weeks

I had my six week follow-up visit today (at seven weeks post baby). Everything went great! I have about ten more pounds that I would like to disappear sooner rather than later! My mom met me there so I didn't have to worry about two kids. After my appointment we went to the mall for some lunch and shopping.

Today Sam is seven weeks old. Here are some things he is doing:
*Holding his head up very well
*Smiling in reaction to us occasionally
*Already moving in to size 2 diapers (I still have a box and a half of size 1)
*Packing on the weight
*Still sleeping a good bit of the time
*Morning time is his happy and smiley time
*In 0-3 month clothes
*Sleeping around 7.5 hours at night
*Eating every 2-3 hours depending on how he sleeps
*Is not swaddled anymore
*Tracking us with his eyes...especially his loud big sister
*Loves to snuggle and be held
*We are all smitten!!

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