Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After

The day after Christmas my mom's family came to our house to celebrate. We had almost everyone together...that hasn't happened in a long time. We had fun catching up and visiting. Reese had fun playing with the other kids her age. They had free range to the playroom and I covered the dining room table in paper so they could color as much as they wanted to.

After they all left we celebrated Christmas with just my parents and Becca (Leah had other obligations so she had left already). It was like Christmas morning for the third time! We all got some fabulous gifts. I think Reese's favorite was this...

After she opened each present she would come back to this one to play with it again.

She also got these cute fairy wings that remained on the rest of the night.

After we opened presents we played with the Wii for a little while. Reese had fun playing the sword fighting game...she beat it every time.

One of Reese's gifts was a bunch of baby doll gear. She climbed in the baby doll's pack and play...she was a little too big.

After three days of a million presents, Sam being held by at least 30 different people, all the attention Reese received, more junk food than necessary, missed naps, tons of conversations, and love...we are exhausted!! Today it is after noon and we are all still in our PJs and are on movie number three...and it feels good!

The plan is to put away Christmas decorations and presents but we will see if that happens...

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