Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Lance and I have not had any one on one time in quite a while.  We had an anniversary dinner last February and have the occasional alone car ride to and from small group.  Since Lance’s birthday is tomorrow and Sam is no longer dependant solely on me we planned a night out.

We checked-in to our hotel in Midtown around 4:00 or so yesterday afternoon.  After we got to our room, Lance asked what we should do.  I suggested we sit down, enjoy the quiet, enjoy not having any kids climb on us, enjoy watching what we wanted to watch on TV, and just be.  We went to dinner at Oceanaire.  Lance had the yellow tail tuna and I had stuffed shrimp.  It was pretty good and we totally enjoyed being able to have a conversation.  And to be honest we really didn’t even talk about the kids much. 

After dinner we went back to the hotel and changed clothes so that we could meet up with our friends Donnie and Carrie.  We met them at a bar in Midtown to watch the GA v. GT game.  Because of the holiday weekend the bar was totally empty.  We had the entire upstairs with a gigantic big screen all to ourselves.  We had such a wonderful time cheering on our teams and hanging out with our sweet friends! 

This morning we slept in as long as we could.  I think Lance was up at 8:00 and I got up at 9:00 (our room was a suite so he was up and didn’t even bother me).  After Lance was ready he ran out to get us breakfast while I got moving.

My godson, Owen, was being baptized today so we headed to church with them.  After church we went back to their house for lunch.  The kids met us there and were so happy to see us (and we were super excited to see them too).  We had a great time visiting and celebrating the cute little man!!

We did not take a camera with us anywhere this weekend so hopefully our friends will share all of their pictures with us!

I am glad we were able to have some quality time together!  What a wonderful weekend!

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