Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Lance came home from Jax on Monday so we used Monday as a time to decorate for Christmas.  Reese was so excited and couldn’t wait. 

11-22-10 030

We got a lot of the inside decorations up.  I was using my garden gloves to set the tree up because I hate how sharp the needles are.  I always end up with tons of scratches on my hands.  Reese thought it was funny so she went upstairs and got her winter gloves too.

11-22-10 032

She was such a big helper.  We ended up have a lot of ornaments on the bottom part of our tree.  ;-)

11-22-10 039

We also set the small tree up in Reese’s room.  She loves having it in there.  I had visions on her falling asleep with the soft glow of her little tree creating sweet Christmas dreams.  But I went upstairs shortly after she went to bed and she was sitting up in her bed reading books so I had to turn the tree off.  I should have known!

11-22-10 009

I still have all of the outside decorations to do.  We didn’t do any of those last year because I just didn’t have the energy or will with a little Sammy so I really want to do those this year!  Hopefully we can get those up at some point this week!  Hint, hint Honey!

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Lance said...

I hope honey reads your blog!!!