Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Day

Today has been a great and lazy day.  I planned for the day to be a pajama day.  I had planned to let Reese be a couch potato and I was going to do some cleaning.  I did a little cleaning but for the most part I just relaxed.  I enjoyed the kids, did some birthday party planning, voted, did a small bit of cleaning that quickly got messed up again, and just played. 

11-2-10 002

Lance let Reese play with some sparklers after dinner. 

11-2-10 007

11-2-10 009

Sam loved watching them from inside.  I love how he looks at her.  He was just giggling and squealing at her through the window.

11-2-10 027

I don’t regret our lazy day one bit.  Some days it is just nice to let it all go and say I will worry about it tomorrow (or maybe the next day).

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