Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We spent all day for Thanksgiving with Lance’s family. It was his parents, sister, nephews, an aunt and a few cousins.  Dinner was of course yummy.  Reese and Sam had so much fun with their cousins.  Brody was extra sweet with them today. 

Brody and Reese had lunch together at the kids table.

11-25-10 002

And Reese was attached to him most of the day.

11-25-10 004

Sam even got in on the attention from Brody.

11-25-10 006

At one point Lance was holding Sam and a couple of people asked Sam if they could hold him.  He would turn away from them to say no.  Then Brody asked him if he could hold him and Sam leaned out for Brody to take him.  It was sooooo sweet!!

11-25-10 010

Dalton and Reese decided to dig holes in their Pop’s yard.  Not sure he was too thrilled about that but they had some messy fun.

11-25-10 009  

Yesterday we were out running some errands and Lance wanted to go get a baseball glove so he could throw the ball with Brody.

11-25-10 016

They threw the ball for a long time.  I am pretty sure Lance will be sore tomorrow.

11-25-10 022

Sam had fun crawling around in the grass.  He didn’t get in one nap and was such a good little guy all day.  He is always so good but I was extra surprised at how well he did with no naps.

11-25-10 018 

Reese was a little bummed that she didn’t get to throw and hit the ball with Lance and Brody.  So she just ran around outside.

11-25-10 031

We were not even out of the neighborhood on our way home and Sam fell asleep.  He was so pooped.

11-25-10 011

And then we just had fun watching Kung Fu Panda when we got home.

11-25-10 014

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We are so thankful and blessed!

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