Wednesday, November 3, 2010


When I was in kindergarten there was a little boy who broke his arm by falling off of one of those monkey bar dome kind of things (remember those?).  When one of the other kids told me about this I ran over to the spot he had fallen and expected to see his arm laying there on the ground.

This weekend at Reese’s fall festival one of her friends fell in the bouncey obstacle course and hurt her arm.  Later that evening her mom told me that she broke her arm.  The next day Reese said that she hoped her friend’s arm was feeling better.  I told her that she broke it.  She thought about this for a minute and then asked me where it broke off.  I explained to her about bones and skin, etc and how it was her bone that was broken.  I don’t know if she truly grasped what I said.  We will see how she handles her friend (and her arm) the next time we see her.

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