Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Singing Room

This past weekend Lance went to Jacksonville to pick up his grandmother’s piano.  Reese loves to play the piano at my parents house so she was SO excited to be getting one of her own.  She calls the parlor at my parents house “the singing room” because that is where the piano is to play and sing with.  Now she has her very own singing room.  

11-22-10 012

She could not wait to get her hands on the piano.

11-22-10 021

While Reese played on the big piano Sam was left with the little one.

11-22-10 027

And he was so excited he wasn’t having to compete with Reese to get his hands on this piano.

11-22-10 028

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Claire Machen said...

This makes me happy! So glad Lance came and got that for her! She looks so excited!!