Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I just uploaded some pictures and videos from our point and shoot camera.  There are some cute ones that I wanted to share on here.

The day of Sam’s birthday I took some cupcakes out of the freezer that I made back in the summer for Reese’s birthday.  I let Reese decorate her own cupcake.

11-16-10 005

And she loved it.

11-16-10 007

Sammy loved his too.

11-16-10 008

Reese was my little photographer but we could not get Sam to look at the camera.  I wanted a picture with the birthday boy.

11-16-10 013

The next day we went to my friend Amy’s house.  She made these cute biter bar type cookies for Sam.  They were yummy!

11-16-10 016

Lance brought home Reese some t-shirts from San Francisco and she loved the Minnie Mouse one.  It was super cute!

11-16-10 025

We have been working on Reese saying her L’s.  If she is not thinking about it she says W’s for L’s.  Here we were practicing L words.

She cracks me up!


Leah said...

I was really loving the way she said "Weah"... It was really cute! But she is doing a great job of getting those Ls.

Aunt Kathy said...

I'm glad you told us those were cookies! :)

laurel said...

Too cute! Love how he blew out the candle. You can so tell those two are brother and sister.