Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sammy’s 1st Birthday

One year ago today my sweet baby boy blessed us with his presence.  What a special day that was! 

Samuel_Dane_birthday 062

I can not believe how fast this year has gone by.  Too fast really!

11-9-10 018

He is so sweet and tender.  He loves to be held and loves to explore on his own.

Samuel_Dane_birthday 118

He is very serious most of the time.  I think he will be a rule follower.

11-9-10 009

From the moment we laid eyes on him we fell in love. 

Sam_Day2 016 

I love to see his sweet smile in the mornings.

11-9-10 010

The moment Reese met Sam she wanted to hold him, touch him, and squeeze him. 

Sam_Day2 076

And she hasn’t stopped since.  She loves Sam so much.  She always asks where he is, what he did while she was at school, and tells her teachers all about him.

11-9-10 014 

This morning we went in to his room after he woke up and sang happy birthday to him.  Listen to that harmonizing mother and daughter team! Ha!

After we were all ready (early I might add…thank you time change), we took Reese to school.  Then Sam had his one year well visit.  After a long visit with the doctor I took Sam to a special breakfast and then to story/music time.  We played at the park for a little while after that and he slid down the slide a hundred times!!

Sam has grown!!!

Today he weighed 21.7 pounds (30%), is 30.25” tall (67%), and his head is 18.25” round (50%).  He gained 1.7 pounds in a month!  Woohoo! His percentages are back to normal since his nine month check up.

Things he is doing:
*pulls up and cruises around the furniture like a champ
*he can stand himself up with out pulling up on anything
*I swear this morning he tried to take a step but just plopped down.  I don’t think he is steady enough to walk on his own yet.
*Copies sounds and noises
*When we say “Let’s say the blessing” he puts his hands together.
*loves to play chase with me
*does all the motions to “If you’re happy and you know it”
*explores and plays on his own very well
*sleeps so well!! I love this!!
*can crawl all the way up the stairs

Happy 1st birthday sweet boy!  We love you so very much!!


Kiera said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! Can't believe you are already one. We hope you had a very special day!

Carrie Beth said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! That year flew by.