Thursday, December 8, 2011


Each year, after we visit Santa, we take the kids to Build-A-Bear. It is a fun little tradition we have started.

12-6-11 003

Reese was very excited. We were hoping they still had the Rudolph characters so that we could buy Rudolph to go with our ClaReese but they were out.

12-6-11 021

Reese picked out a soft bear with colorful hearts all over it. She did a great job filling it up with stuffing and love.

12-6-11 023

Sam wasn’t quite sure what to think but he had fun doing what Reese did. He picked out a super soft dog…no surprise.

12-6-11 028

The name on the dog’s tag was Shaggy Dog so we just kept his name as Shaggy. Reese chose the name Lovie for her bear because it was covered in hearts.

12-6-11 032

They both had fun and hopefully these animals don’t just get thrown in to the bottom of the toy box.

12-6-11 036

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